Elektrolab Grand Opening

You are invited to the opening of Elektrolab – a place for workshops in creative technology.

Please note we have moved the date of this event to Sunday 2 August due to weather.

To celebrate our opening we are having a small event with artist talks, presentations, activities and sound.

14:45-15:00 -Introduction – Welcome to Elektrolab
15:00 -Pamela See – Artist talk
15:30 -Jane Skorina – Artist talk
16:00 – Michelle Brown – Live VR painting
16:30 – Priscilla Bracks – Artist talk
17:00 – Tara Pattenden – Artist talk

Let’s Eat
17:20 – 18:30 We will provide food and non alcoholic drinks.

We will have activities and opportunities to explore 3d printing, Augmented reality drawing, VR demonstrations and touch based sound.

This event will take place at our space in East Brisbane utilising the outdoor space so that we can adhere to Covid-19 regulations. It is a child friendly event. We have our Covid safe plan in place and have masks and hand sanitiser available.

In case of rain the event will happen indoors at the East Brisbane Bowls Club.

This space is wheelchair accessible with accessible toilets. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements or any additional access consideration.

Tara Pattenden

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/KCbtVFpBr5GazDFydoXAlwg8hM4Z833I6ynluDQOz4lWxNdz4oThLlXVZd8X7hWi6Rw0sAii1Bi6AkB1IABJULpJ0s1P3PSKxq36Imv_Tara Pattenden is a performer, educator and artist who works with electronics and technology.    Alongside Michelle Brown, she runs Elektrolab, an inclusive space for education in creative technologies which opens on the 25th of July.  As Phantom Chips she creates live participatory performances and music compositions using hand-built instruments of her own design. These wearable, fabric-based electronic instruments enable new expressive ways to play music and invite audience participation by creating sound through movements and gestures (stretching, stroking and squeezing). She performs and runs workshops internationally including at the Onassis Foundation in Athens, V&A Museum in London, Tectonics Festival in Glasgow and Novas Frequencias festival in Rio de Janeiro; and has experience working on large social media campaigns, UX and web development.

Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown is a new media artist focused on immersive and interactive art installations and creating storytelling experiences in the mixed reality space. She has been commissioned to create virtual reality artwork for music videos, film experiences, international exhibits and online museums. Michelle has an augmented reality accessory label and hosts workshops in creative technologies. The Bad Lament website


Pamela See

Image of an artwork that is two papercut bees in black
Telling the Bees. 2019. PLA. 18 x 30 x 18cm

Multi-disciplinary visual artist, Pamela See, will discuss creative applications for 3D printing. The medium has been used to make artwork since the late 1980s. Aluminium, wood and nylon will be amongst the materials examined. Visitors will also be invited to design their own motif, for 3d modelling and printing. A selection will be made into wearables. The activity is primarily intended for children.



Jane Skorina

I’m Jane, a young artist bringing hypothetical creatures and emotive monsters to life. This is particularly relevant to my latest project, ‘two products of a non-agent’.
I am interested in the relationship between the biological and the metaphysical. I want to challenge industrial and individualist dogmas and explore alternative outlooks on what it means to be a person through a monist lens. In the future I look to be less serious. Creatures are prominent actors in my art because they serve as an empathetic link between humanity and ‘the natural’.